In a perfect world, our children would be well-liked among their peers and welcome additions to any classroom. However, children who have trouble controlling their emotions frequently act out, and this often leads to frustration and embarrassment for parents—not to mention negative consequences for the child at school. A child with behavioral problems may also have trouble making friends if their behavior makes them unpleasant to be around. If your child has ever acted out in school or in public, you understand how frustrating it can be

A child’s challenging or unruly behaviour may be caused by a variety of circumstances. These include alterations to the child’s social and psychological settings, such as major life events like the birth of a new sibling or a move to a new house. Additionally, the way we feel has a big impact on how our kids behave. For instance, if a parent is upset about something at work, a child may quickly tell and may react with discomfort or violence.

Attention, or the lack of it, is another frequent factor in inappropriate behaviour. Often, as parents, we have a tendency to focus on our child only when he exhibits poor behaviour; when he exhibits good behaviour, we rarely notice it or take it for granted. As a result, he eventually gains knowledge.

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